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Cathedral Wealth Management Special News Bulletin

A special announcement following the budget report from Rishi Sunak.

Well, I Would Walk 900 Miles

Community matters to us at Cathedral Wealth Management, which is why we dedicate our fundraising efforts to one charity per year, to make the biggest impact we can.

Join the Young Chamber of Commerce

As well as being director at Cathedral Wealth Management, I very much believe in corporate responsibility, which is why I am also involved in the Chichester Chamber of Commerce, who bring the business community together on all levels.

Spirit and Coronavirus

What a strange year it has been for everyone, who could have predicted by April 2020 we would be in full swing of a global pandemic. These of course, are very worrying times...

2 Fat Men take on the Everest Challenge

There have always been brilliant business collaborations within the Chichester community, and Brad Ainsworth at Cathedral Wealth Management is all about connecting with the local business community, but this collaboration has gone one step further!

For Your Reassurance

Cathedral Wealth Management in Chichester has been very busy over the past month rebalancing client portfolios.

The Charity and Community Supporting Cathedral Wealth Management

If anyone knows Brad Ainsworth of Cathedral Wealth Management, Financial Planners in Chichester, then you will know Brad is always up for a challenge! Especially one that is of a fundraising nature.

First Aid Blog

What would you do in a situation whereby your colleague, friend or passer-by is in trouble? This could be an accident, fall, heart attack, stroke, or seizure. The list is endless. The vast majority of people wouldn’t know what to do if someone close by needed emergency first aid care.

The Summer Annual Client Meeting, All For A Good Cause, June 2019

We certainly ordered the weather for the Cathedral Wealth Management’s annual client meeting! This year the ACM for our clients and local business, held at Crouchers Orchards went off with a magical bang!

Tonnes of Tins with Spirit FM

One in five of the UK population live below the poverty line, and before the financial crisis in 2008 even the concept of food banks were virtually unknown in the UK. Then in 1997 The Trussell Trust was founded, and in 2004 they established a franchise model for UK food banks.

The South Downs 50k Walk

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was founded in 1956 by Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and supports over 270,000 young people each year, with 50,000 of those young people are from disadvantaged backgrounds. The DofE now works across 144 nations and since 1956 8 million young people worldwide have taken part.

In Support of The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Building relationships with local charities is something I pride myself and my company Cathedral Wealth Management on, when interesting items come our way. I do believe in ‘sharing the love’ or passing something on that would benefit others who need it more.

The Isle of Wight Challenge

Some of you may remember back in 2017 when I took on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, then sadly part way in, I had a very serious knee injury, which meant I couldn’t complete the challenge and had to be medically retired.

A Brisk Stroll around Arundel

Family support means a great deal when it comes to my business at Cathedral Wealth Management, and as you may already know I am an avid supporter of local charities, so when my Mother-in-Law, Heather Brookes, decided to take part in the Snowdrop Walk 2019, a 5-mile walk for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust, I was in full support!

Supporting Dementia

I heard a very powerful statistic the other day, there are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, and research provided by The Alzheimer’s Society predict this number to rise to over 1 million by 2025, and then to soar to 2 million by 2051.

Tinwood Blog

Part of any ongoing relationships with our clients at Cathedral Wealth Management in Chichester is hosting all kinds of events throughout the year, one of which happened just a couple of weeks ago, whereby we gained exclusive access to the beautiful Tinwood Estate Vineyards for an evening of wine, cheese and lots of local knowledge!

Chasing the Sun for Charity

As part of Cathedral Wealth Management’s contribution to our local community in Chichester we always seek out the wonderful people willing to give their time, and in this case lots of stamina, raising money for good causes.

He’s Off Again!

Brad Ainsworth, director at Cathedral Wealth Management in Chichester has always had charity fundraising at the heart of his business, over the years this has been in many forms such as local charity sponsorship...

A Chichester Community Diamond!

4 years ago I met Richard Sherwell through a local charity event in Chichester and very quickly realised that Richard was a true charitable diamond, founding a charity called Give 4 B.E.T.H. raising funds for local disabled children and their families financial support to achieve their goals.

My Sisters House Blog

t’s wonderful at this time of year how charitable people are, with charitable donations massively increasing in the month of December.

Sponsoring a worth while cause

Women’s football has evolved massively in the UK and saw a record growth in attendance across the top 2 divisions, and through social media the presence of some of the women’s major footballers are hugely increasing. So when Rob Kerr from Chichester City Ladies Football Club contacted me for sponsorship, I jumped at the chance!

Who Killed The Mad Professor?

As a Financial Adviser in Investment and Pension Planning, I have a very eclectic mix of clients, and try to support my client’s interests as much as possible.

The Southern Business Awards

Cathedral Wealth Management has always been known as a pillar of the community, based in Chichester, West Sussex, Brad Ainsworth company director has always had a passion for supporting numerous charities and a focus on community projects.