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2 Fat Men take on the Everest Challenge

There have always been brilliant business collaborations within the Chichester community, and Brad Ainsworth at Cathedral Wealth Management is all about connecting with the local business community, but this collaboration has gone one step further!

Brendon Cook from KIWI Recruitment in Chichester, along with Brad Ainsworth from Cathedral Wealth Financial Management are taking on the challenge of Everest Base Camp in April 2020

As soon you start the trek to the Everest Base Camp you are at 2,850m/ 9,000 ft and you start walking to 5,364m/ 17,500ft high in the Himalaya’s.

Two of the biggest things that make the trek tough, first, even with acclimatisation days you are pretty much trekking 5-6 hours a day for at least 12 days. You need to have hardened your body off to walking to cope with this. Second, is the effect of altitude. By the time you reach base camp you will have lost almost 50% of the oxygen in the air and this makes any exertion tough.

So why are the ‘2 fat men’ challenging themselves in this crazy way? The recent Australian fires have destroyed massive amounts of land, homes and habitats, and claimed the lives of a devastating amount of animals. Experts have warned that up to a TRILLION animals could die from the fires (according to Evolutionary biologist, conservationist and broadcaster Prof Ben Garrod, at the University of East Anglia). The catastrophe has pushed Australia into a ‘state of disaster’.

Any expenses of the trip will be entirely funded by Brendon and Brad, meaning every penny of your donations will go to a worthy charity supporting animals and wildlife affected by the fires. Kiwi Recruitment will also be making a donation for each candidate that they place.

For any donations, or more information, click HERE.

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